Tuesday, September 18, 2012

THE TUNNEL movie review (includes Trailer and Full Movie)

All the names on the poster, are actual frameholders
I recently became having a habit of looking around on YouTube on the XBOX 360 and PS3, and typing in the search words FULL MOVIE, mostly a lot of Indian films come up and older movies. But sometimes movies pop up that peaks your interest.

The movie I happened to watch last night was “THE TUNNEL” This 2011 movie is an Australian Mock-documentary using found-footage , I liken it to Blair Witch Project meets C.H.U.D. If some of you haven’t heard of C.H.U.D. or even heard the name screamed in fear by Homer Simpson, look it up.

Before I review this film I want to tell you some interesting info about the making of the film.

This is the first film to be funded by something called The 135k Project a frame-selling, crowd funded, free internet release created by the company Distracted Media. They are trying to make movies that aren’t constrained to studios or the box-office results. Brilliance if you ask me. Also I think this film works best on a T.V., it would never translate well to a big screen.

The budget for the film was approx $140.000 (US) and to be honest you could have fooled me. Let’s just say if a US studio had made this film it would have cost about  $45 Million and would have failed miserably, with all the executive notes and other useless input weighing down the process.

“The Tunnel “ is about a group of journalists investigating why the New South Wales government decided to abandon a project to recycle water found in the vast abandoned train tunnels beneath Sydney, during a serious drought.

Main Journalist Natasha (Bel Delia) thinks there is a government conspiracy going on so she takes her team (Andy Rodereda), Steve (Steve Davies) and Jim (Luke Arnaldo) deep into the underground tunnels to find out what is going on. But as they begin to hunt for answers they realize that they are the ones being hunted. The main actors are actually really good and believable

Ok I liked this film, while it is not perfect it leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more. It starts out slow but the it begins to build in tension till you can't keep your eyes off it. Also I love how it’s not what you see that scares you, it’s what you don’t see.

It's kind of funny that my roommate and myself were flipping through channels and we were trying to figure out who finances these crappy Syfy horror movies that make no sense, I mean Alladin and the Death Lamp, Pirahnaconda,..good lord... But when real people finance a movie you get something like The Tunnel

I know, I know, some people won’t like this because the “found footage” is sometimes dark, hand-held, and some of the time you have no idea what you looking at, but I think that’s what adds to the creepiness of the film. And to it’s credit, it’s a great movie to watch with all the lights off.

I recommend you give it a shot.

While watching it through the Internet the sound and looked great. Here’s the trailer and then below the full version of the movie. 

Here is the full movie, but if you decide to look it up through you TV using Youtube it's  listed as :

The Tunnel (2011) ~FULL MOVIE~ [Multi-Subtitles]